About Us




Hoshh, has been collecting and presenting, beautifully crafted objects and fine art pieces for over 20
years in İstanbul. We specialize in hand made, unique, one of a kind, beautiful and aesthetic pieces.
You can discover sculptures, collectible objects and accessories, in addition to antique, retro and
vintage objects. Our arts selection includes Traditional, Modern and Contemporary arts.
We believe every period of history, every style of art and all kind of handcrafts and unique pieces are
very valuable for humanity culture and art.
We have been in the antiques market of İstanbul for over 20 years and established a trade network
with several antique shops, art galleries and auction houses in İstanbul to have great access to all
pieces of desire. In our gallery section you can find, sculptures, paintings, decorative art objects, and Contemporary art works.

Discover established and upcoming Turkish artists such as Ali Çetin, Aslıhan Taşkent, Alpay Aksayar. İstanbul, with thousands of years of history, is a diverse, contrasting and surrealist place. The mixture of its extraordinary cultural diversity, the excellent workmanship of its inhabitants and the luck of having innumerable natural resources have resulted in extraordinary objects that have been created in their respectful times. Hoshh prides itself on offering a wide variety of high quality pieces. Featuring items of every style and budget.